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Hop growing in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States is a proud tradition dating back to the late 19th century. The majority of the American hop industry has been and continues to be family owned and operated farms. Ideal growing conditions and highly skilled producers make the Pacific Northwest region of the United States home to some of the finest hops in the world. A tradition of excellence is the hallmark of U.S. hop industry. As America hop farms grow in size, there is an increasing demand on growers to be experts not only in the hop field, but in the office as well. Skilled management keeps production costs down, while improved methods for fertilization, cultivation, irrigation, and pest control, results in greater yields and the highest possible quality. To meet the ever-increasing demands for quality, variety and dependability, the American hop grower is highly focused on the future. 

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Hop Producing Areas

The majority of the world’s commercial hop production occurs between latitudes 35 and 55 degrees, either north or south of the equator. Day length during the growing season, as determined by latitude, has a major effect on yield.

2015 North American Commercial Hop Production
Washington - 32,205 acres (70.8%)
Oregon - 6,807 acres (15%)
Idaho - 4,975 acres (10.9%)
Other States - 1,244 acres (2.7%)
Canada - 257 acres (0.6%)
Total - 45,488 acres


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