January 7 deadline for 2014 Hop Cleanup Nominations

The National Clean Plant Network for Hops (NCPN-Hop) is currently accepting nominations for possible introduction to the virus clean-up program in 2014.

Please note: due to the uncertainty of new Farm Bill funding for NCPN, the number of additional varieties may be severely limited.  Final selection will be based on the availability of funding and prioritization by the NCPN-Hop Governing Board.

Two documents are provided for use in submitting nominations:

Hop Prioritization Nomination Form - if you wish to nominate a variety or hop selection to be cleaned up, please complete and submit the completed form per its instructions. To be given full consideration, please insure all questions are answered.

Hop Program Status – this provides up-to-date information on the varieties that have already been cleaned up, or are already underway in the program.

Nominations are due by January 7, 2014.

Send requests to:

Debbie Woodbury, NCPN-Hop Coordinator

Washington State University – IAREC

24106 N Bunn Road,

Prosser, WA 99350