2015 Hop Acreage Report Expanded

Hop Growers of America has expanded the 2015 US Hop Acreage report to include estimates for 19 additional hop-producing states and Canada.  This year's data collection was a collaborative effort between USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service and Hop Growers of America.

USDA-NASS has released the official 2015 report that includes data from established growers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  This report may be found under the Statistics tab on this website, on the USDA Stats page.  The USDA figures for those three states were utilized in the expanded Hop Growers of America report.

HGA reached out to new growers who have not previously participated in the annual NASS surveys through a network of University, Extension, brewery, grower, and hop merchant contacts, as well as searching the internet.  We will continue to build this network to improve the accuracy of future reports, and insure that all commercial growers who are producing salable quantities of hops can be included. 

For information please contact Ann George at info@usahops.org or 509-453-4749. 

2015 HGA North American Hop Acreage Estimates