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About Us

Hop Growers of America is a trade organization and registered 501 C5 nonprofit with primary focus on Grower Support, Statistics and Trade Promotion, and Education.

As the U.S. hop industry is ever-evolving, so are our goals and programs to best meet the needs of our growers and industry partners. Decisions are governed by a Board of Directors and votes by the membership, carried out by staff.

Grower Support

While great resources for hands-on help often include extension specialists, consultants, and peers, HGA’s programs emphasize nationally-focused support such as the American Hop Growers Convention, IPM Field Guide, Self-Certified Best Practices programsStatistics, Plant Protection needs, International Harmonization of Regulatory Standards, and more.

Trade Promotion and Education

U.S. hops have not only been thrust into the limelight of the brewing industry and the world’s attention, but they are also acknowledged as the catalyst of the craft beer movement. Thanks to their unique and strong aromatics and the ability of US growers to rapidly ramp up production, the United States has become identified as an ideal location to source aroma hops.

As the world’s hop and brewing industries watch US growers and crops, HGA provides updates on the progress of each crop year and overall hop market through a schedule of releases tied to statistics and updates from the USDA and the International Hop Growers Convention (IHGC). HGA also provides educational seminars at esteemed international brewing schools; attends trade shows with hop and beer samples, grower delegates to answer technical questions, plus materials on variety information and where to buy them; statistics; this website, and more.

While American growers are our priority, we recognize the industry is compiled of many partnerships and, to best accomplish the needs of our multiple stakeholders, we work with many industry partners to ensure all needs and perspectives are represented whenever possible. To experience the breadth of our collaborations, please visit Trusted Partners, and Contact Us.

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