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Hop Growers of America Small Growers Council (SGC) was formed in 2015 and includes growers from across the US who have volunteered to represent their peers. It is chaired by the current elected At Large Individual Grower representative HGA Board Member.

For the purpose of HGA programs, the SGC has defined Small Growers as any grower with a minimum of 0.25 acres in production with commercial intent.

The SGC is charged with advising the HGA Board on program direction and activities to benefit small growers, new growers, and growers outside of the Pacific Northwest who may not have the benefit of hop handling/processing infrastructure, research, and other assets that have historically been available to PNW commercial hop growers.  The HGA Board appreciates the input and strives to meet the needs of small growers with available resources to best serve the US Hop Industry nationwide.

To maximize their impact, HGA focuses on specific, targeted areas which best serve small growers in a diverse range of geographic regions without duplicating or replacing excellent research, education, and collaborative efforts that are underway through local and statewide groups of growers and research/extension teams.  The SGC strives to provide support to further enhance these efforts where appropriate and feasible.

Current Program Goals:

  1. Create a database of active growers (compiled as Grower Number requests are received) to enhance the accuracy of statistical collection and allow more effective distribution of educational materials.
  2. New Website Tools (underway).
  3. Small Grower’s Track at Convention – this is now an ongoing program for the annual American Hop Convention with content determined by the SGC.
  4. Hop Enterprise Budgets representing a small operating unit. View cost study here.

Growers are highly encouraged to utilize the Cost Study tools before embarking on the establishment of a commercial hop farming operation. Secondly, we recommend getting in touch with a local extension specialist and reviewing information provided on this website to help you make informed decisions. As hops are a perennial plant that are expensive to establish, produce and harvest, we also encourage prospective growers to contact breweries and develop a marketing plan and customer base before planting.

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