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Research and Registration

Producing quality hops requires strict attention to pests, diseases, weed control, and other production challenges. The US hop industry recognizes the need for proactive research to ensure growers have the necessary tools for safe, efficient and high quality production. The US Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee (USHIPPC) provides a vehicle for industry sectors to collaborate on plant protection needs and challenges.

While the USHIPPC has voting members representing state grower organizations and Hop Growers of America, it is highly collaborative in defining priorities and pursuing plant protection solutions. Hop growers, merchants, researchers, crop advisors, and other interested parties are encouraged to participate in reviewing research data and determining next steps.

Before pursuing a new plant protection tool, a solid data set demonstrating efficacy and crop safety is required. Working with scientists across several production regions allows climatic, soil type, and hop varieties to be evaluated, along with production system variables such as application equipment.

Before seeking registration of a new active ingredient, USHIPPC staff works with registrants to ensure support for the addition of hops to the company’s label and determines the international standing of the compound for future regulatory harmonization.

We work closely with the IR-4 Program in pursuing new crop protection options for hops. IR-4 provides professional and monetary resources to assist specialty crops, including hops, with data development and regulatory support for seeking registration of new tools through the US Environmental Protection Agency.

International Harmonization

The US Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee has actively sought harmonization of pesticide regulatory standards (maximum residue levels or MRLs) in key customer countries for the past three decades. As US hops are exported worldwide, ensuring consistent regulatory standards between the US and export customers avoids trade issues and interruption of shipments. We also collaborate with other hop producing countries through participation in the International Hop Growers Convention and the European Union Commodity Expert Group for Hops.

To facilitate information flow, the USHIPPC has created a comprehensive Hop MRL Tracking Chart, updated monthly to reflect the most recent regulatory activities in key export customer countries. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Global Plant Protection Map

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