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Welcome to the Hop Growers of America website!

Hop Growers of America is a trade association focused on grower support through technical, scientific research; trade promotion and harmonization; educational outreach; expansion of industry and USDA statistics, and more. For information on the organization's programs and collaborations, please see our Annual Report.

HGA also hosts the annual American Hop Convention. We enjoy fruitful partnerships with merchants, breweries, brewing schools and other industry partners. 

Because of our numerous audiences, you will find a multitude of resources, from general information on hops for the curious IPA lover, to cost studies for both large and small-scale growers, a press room, and more to come - including a member’s only area. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and find it a useful resource.

Funding for this website and promotional items are supported by the Market Access Program from the Foreign Agricultural Service Department within USDA.  For more information about the Market Access Program, go to


Latest News

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The USDA-NASS Acreage Strung For Harvest Report was released today, forecasting an ...

HGA Award Nominations Open

HGA Award Nominations Open
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