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Innovations of USA Hops
Hop Sensory & Selection Basics with Matt Brynildson
Hang out with Matt Brynildson, Brewmaster - Firestone Walker Brewing Co., as he takes us through the basics of the hop selection process including conducting a hop rub for evaluating a hop quality and aroma.
Three Valleys – A Hop’s Journey
Explore the trials and triumphs of hop harvest in the United States in Hop Growers of America’s new video “Three Valleys – A Hop’s Journey.”
Sustainability in the Hop Field
Pacific Northwest hop producers Brock Obendorf, Colt Carpenter, Patrick and Trishia Gasseling, and John Coleman each share a few words on what sustainability means to them.
A Dedicated Workforce is a Successful Harvest
A dedicated workforce is essential to the vitality of hop operations. Join Blake Crosby of Crosby Hop Farms as he imparts the value of skilled labor to the U.S. hop industry.
Challenges of Hop Harvest
This vignette features Patrick and Trishia Gasseling from Gasseling Ranches and Nate Jackson of Jackson Hop Farms both sharing a few of the mechanical challenges woven into the logistics of hop harvest.
Hop Harvest: Sun Up to Sun Down
Jessica Riel from Double R Hop Ranches as she details a handful of hurdles each hop operation must overcome before reaching harvest.
Hop Farming: A Legacy and an Evolution
Hop growing in the Pacific Northwest is a proud tradition dating back to the late 19th century, and the majority of the American hop industry continues to be family-owned & operated, passed from generation to generation. In this video, Washington hop farmer Kevin Riel talks about how hop farming has been a family tradition starting with his great grandfather. This longevity and invaluable inherited knowledge, coupled with modern farming advantages, ideal & stable growing conditions, optimal harvesting, and advancements in kilning and refrigeration make the Pacific Northwest region of the United States home to some of the finest hops in the world.
A Brewers Perspective
Hop Growers of America teams up with Oregon hop farmer Ben Smith, and Full Sail Brewing Company's Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson, to showcase American hops. Demand for a variety of hops – particularly aroma hops – has been elevated to new heights, particularly thanks to the growth of craft, and hop-forward craft favorite IPA’s. Growers and researchers develop hop varieties as they search for exciting new aromas, along with other key factors such as good yields and disease-resistance to ensure a steady supply. Feedback from brewers allows them to hone in on exciting aromas which brewers and beer drinkers alike will enjoy. See how American Hop Growers are bringing the best to the industry right here in the fertile, beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Oregon Hops
If brewing is a combination of art and science, hop harvest is right up there with the best of them. Each hop variety is different - nuanced in its needs to lock in peak freshness, flavors, and aromas from the field. From identifying the perfect moment to pick each variety; to the right adjustments for each weight and density difference when going through the harvester; to drying them at the optimal temperature and time period; generations of fine–tuned experience translates into a superior experience in your glass. Enjoy. Video courtesy of the Oregon Hop Commission
Spring Work in Oregon Hop Fields
Spring is a natural time of renewal with vigorous new life budding, and a sense of anticipation buzzing in the air. After a sleepy winter, a hop grower’s list is long to ensure a successful growing season. Follow along with Oregon hop growers to see how they prepare for a new growing season to deliver the best possible hops for harvest. Video courtesy of the Oregon Hop Commission

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