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Opening Reception at the Memory Garden & HRC Silent Auction - Wednesday, January 23rd

Kick off Convention at the historic and beautiful Spanish-style Memory Garden, sponsored by Hopsteiner.  Adjoining the Memory Garden, stroll over to the Portola Hotel’s Cottonwood Plaza for HRC’s Silent Auction.


General Session & Brewers Panel - Thursday, January 24th

Featured Speaker Lester Jones, the Chief Economist of the National Beer Wholesalers Association, discusses the economic status and future outlook of the brewing industry.  Bart Watson and Chris Swersey of the Brewers Association will be joined by Joseph Heaton with the Beer Institute in further discussion of the industry’s economic challenges from craft and macro perspectives. Q&A session to follow.


Convention takes over the Monterey Bay Aquarium - Thursday, January 24th

We’ve rented one of the world’s most famous Aquariums for a private hop industry evening event!  Big thanks to our sponsors: Rabo AgriFinance and the Brewers Association.  The party begins at 6:30pm with a private dive show at 7:00pm.


General Session & Merchant Panel - Friday, January 25th

Leading off with a presentation from Alex Barth, John I. Haas, representatives from Crosby Hops, S.S. Steiner, Yakima Chief Hops and Charles Faram will be on hand to join in our 2019 Merchant Panel.  Q&A session to follow.


Featured Speaker: Dr. Eric Snodgrass, Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Friday, January 25th

Title: Disruptive Weather - Consistency in Chaos

 Description: Each year, the fate of global hop production lies in the hands of a turbulent, chaotic, and every changing atmosphere. We strive for stability, growth, and resiliency in our farming operations but ultimately, the weather determines the outcomes of our efforts. In this presentation we will first look at the long term trends in growing season precipitation and temperature patterns to better understand systematic change in weather/climate patterns that are impacting global hop production (primarily in the Northwest US and Germany). We will investigate weather patterns that cause large deviations from average - like early blooms, summer drought/heat, deficits in winter snowpack, and stream flow variations, and learn how to forecast impactful weather for the hop industry. We will learn where to find the best weather resources and how to use them effectively. We will finish a weather forecast that will focus on the remainder of winter and spring, and we will look at the major weather drivers for summer 2019 in the Northwest and Europe. 

Sponsored by Northwest Farm Credit Services.


Understanding the H-2A Program with Mike Gempler, Washington Growers League- Friday, January 25th

If you are one of the hundreds of agricultural employers thinking about the H-2A program as an option, or if you have started using H-2A but need to learn more, this workshop is for you. Get all of your questions about this program answered!

Topics to be addressed include the history and current political environment for H-2A; the H-2A application process; who can apply and the different types of H-2A applications; the agent’s role and levels of service; the government role – Job Order approval, visas and audits; legal hotspots-handling domestic referrals, employing local workers and complying with farm labor contractor law; how H-2A affects the practical management of your farm-supervision, payroll, I-9’s, social security cards, taxes and health insurance; foreign recruitment:  Where do workers come from? Who are they? How are they communicated with? Can you request workers that you know?; the trip up and back: transportation, consular interviews and border crossings; fees, costs and benefits: How much does H-2A cost?; housing for H-2A: How and when to obtain it and have it ready. Questions and discussion will be welcomed.


Closing Dinner at the Monterey Beach House - Friday, January 25th

You’re invited to a beach party celebrating the end of Convention. Located at the Monterey Beach House, enjoy a Pacific-style BBQ, S’mores and beer. 


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