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HGA’s Technical Promotions Program Receives an Additional $14,500

March 14, 2019

Due to the government shutdown, HGA did not receive their funding allocation from USDA-FAS (Foreign Agriculture Service) for Convention this year, so a preliminary budget based on  last year’s allocation – $369,840– was assumed to prepare the 2019 anticipated budget of activities presented at the Annual Meeting. We are excited to announce that we have now received our allocation, and the final TEC Program budget for the overseas promotion program is $384,344.84. This means an additional $14,504.84 will be available for new activities in addition to core programs like Brau, CBC, and Brewing School Seminars in Europe. CBC is allowable for our overseas promotion program as it is a recognized international event with FAS. In addition to our core programs, HGA will participate in Brasil Brau this year as an exhibitor, and is evaluating possible participation with an exhibit in Australia as well.

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