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Hop Growers of America releases 2015 stat pack with final US tallies and global hop statistics

February 04, 2016

Hop Growers of America releases 2015 stat pack with final US tallies and global hop statistics.

Final report reveals USA supplied 42% of the globe’s 2015 hop crop in the global brewing hop supply review for 2016 brewing. Twenty one additional states added to USA 2015 report.

MOXEE, WA – February 4, 2016 – After the last of the data has come in on the total 2015 crop for 2016 brewing, what was suspected from late summer is now apparent in the final numbers: 2015 was a tough year world-wide, resulting in a deficit in alpha production that must be covered from inventories accumulated in previous years.

The 2015 Stat Pack covers five-year trends in hop acreage and production, plus notes 2015 increase and decreases, broken down by state and variety in the Legacy Growing States Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Also included is a ten-year review of Legacy State overall acreages, average hop yields, and average (of all varieties) prices. International numbers of the same nature are also included, as well as related industry information such as beer and hop inspection stats.

Reflected in the numbers, high summer heats and water restrictions meant mixed results for crops, particular hitting earlier harvest varieties (aromas). The story was similar, yet more severe for European countries, where the majority of the crop’s water needs are supplied by rain. Drought in Germany and other continental European countries dramatically reduced yields.

While Germany – which, along with the United States is one of the two largest hop suppliers in the world – had 34% of the world’s hop acreage (just 4% lower than the US at 38%), they contributed just 33% of the 2015 crop.  The US, despite its own challenges, provided 42% of the global hop supply this year.

Currently, water stores for the Yakima Basin are at 117% of normal, and Washington State overall is at 109% of normal, according to an article by Capital Press.

“The unusually high temperatures experienced this past summer were unprecedented, and we do not anticipate a repeat of an early and persistent heat wave,” said Ann George, Executive Director of Hop Growers of America (HGA). “While we are waiting to see the final snowpack situation in the spring, we know we are already far better off than last year, so we anticipate higher yields along with more acres going in to meet contract demands.”

In a recent presentation from the Brewer’s Association (BA) at the Annual American Hop Convention, it was noted that hopping rates and usage in the US continues to climb, and will continue to do so as IPA continues to be the clear beer style favorite –with 2015 seeing two times the amount of volume than in 2011.

“Going through our statistics, it is clear that growers are putting more hops in the ground to meet the needs of both domestic and international brewers,” said Ann George. “It was promising to see the Brewers Association report that so many of their members are contracting, coming in at around 95%. While that definitely leaves uncertainty for those who are not contracting, the more contracts growers and merchants have, the better they can serve the domestic and global brewing industries. For those relying entirely on the spot market, that’s a pretty big gamble, especially considering the current market.”

So what does this report show? “Essentially, it was a rough year at home and across the globe, however, contracted needs will be met with occasional substitutions for something very similar because of the highly unusual growing season. We are already planning for and looking forward to 2016 harvest.”

Hop Growers of America (HGA) promotes American grown hops to brewers and merchants of hops both domestically and internationally. HGA facilitates conversations between growers, merchants, and brewers, providing statistical reports to the industry and education on the quality, variety, and tradition of U.S. grown hops.

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